Aqua Play Rules & Regulations

Gravity Island Watersports


Watersports are fun and challenging but involve inherent risks of injury or death.  To increase your enjoyment of the sport and to reduce your risks, use common sense and follow these rules and warnings:

  • Aqua Play attraction area is restricted to registered guests who have signed the Release and Waiver of Liability only.
  • Do not enter lake or attraction area without registering and signing Release and Waiver of Liability through Gravity Island Watersports.
  • Do not enter or use Aqua Play attraction area without supervision of Gravity Island Watersports personnel. Always ensure that there is an observer devoted to watching over your safety regardless of the users age.
  • Due to the nature of this Aqua Play, parental supervision is advised for all individuals under 18.
  • Follow staff instructions.
  • Use caution and common sense. Act responsibly.  Maintain good judgement.
  • Stay within the Aqua Play boundaries marked by perimeter buoys, walls and land.
  • The depth of water is not consistent.
  • The Aqua Play features may be wet and become slippery.
  • The Aqua Play features will exhibit bouncing, tilting and rocking movements. Carefully watch the action and movements of this attraction before deciding if it is appropriate to participate.
  • No rough play.
  • Do not swim under the features or dock.
  • Do not attempt somersaults or flips. Do not jump or dive from any feature.  Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis or death.
  • Must go feet first on features.
  • Be respectful and aware of other participants using this product to ensure not just your safety but also others around you.
  • Give priority to smaller and young children.
  • Be aware of the location of the handles on features and only place your hands through them.
  • Never free swim near the location of features unless you are entering onto feature.
  • Always ensure a safe speed while walking on features.
  • Know your limits. Stop when you are tired.
  • Guests should be capable swimmers comfortable treading water for several minutes. If fatigued while swimming, guest should feel comfortable flipping to their back and floating for a long period of time to regain energy.
  • Guest must be able to swim to and from the dock to the features.
  • Guest should be capable of climbing steps onto the features and onto the dock.
  • Never exceed skill level that you are accustomed for while using the features.
  • Do not wear loose clothing on the Aqua Play.
  • Always remove personal items such as shoes, rings, watches or other sharp objects before use. No loose personal belongings allowed.
  • Always wear a properly fitted life vest (PFD) provided by Gravity Island Watersports. Use of personal or any other life vests is not allowed.
  • Never apply more than 280 lbs. of pressure in any one area on features.
  • Guest under the age of 6 years old may not participate.
  • Persons with the following conditions should not participate on Aqua Play:
    • Expectant Mothers
    • Heart or blood pressure conditions
    • Back, neck, leg or shoulder conditions
    • Motion sickness or dizziness
    • Fear of water or Inability to swim
    • Recent surgery or easily aggravated conditions; Individuals with weak immune systems; No open wounds. 
    • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Prosthetics or amputees NOT permitted on this ride. 
  • Be in good physical condition and be cautious in your use of the features. Only you know your physical conditions or limitations.  Do not ride if you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind.
  • No eating, drinking or smoking/vaping allowed on the Aqua Play.
  • No profanity.
  • Marine life forms, bacteria, and microorganisms may be present in the water.
  • Assumption of risks: Use of the Aqua Play and any of its components involve certain inherent risks, dangers, and hazards which can result in serious personal injury and death. In using the product, you freely agree to assume and accept and all known and unknown risks of injury while using this equipment.
  • Failure to abide by any of the above Rules & Warnings may result in injury or cause you to be expelled from the Aqua Play.

The Rules & Warnings set forth above represent some common risks encountered by users and does not imply to cover all instances of risk or danger.  The risk inherent in the sport can be greatly reduced by abiding by the Rules & Warning listed.  Please use common sense and good judgement.

Management reserves the right to review, change and establish new rules as deemed necessary.

Report all injuries immediately to a staff member.

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